My Work

April 2015 - Present

As of April 2015, I have been working full-time at Think Brownstone as an Experience Designer. Since much of the work I do now involves startups and enterprise applications for industries such as health, finance, energy and insurance, most of my current work is under NDA. Contact me at for more information. While you're at it, if you are looking for a world-class design partner for your next big project, be sure to talk to the amazing people I work with at Think Brownstone!


2014 - 2015

placeit (1).jpg

Sales Presentation Wizard for Tablet


This app lets club employees educate new members, capture health info and show pricing.

My Contribution:

  • Developed visual design

  • Created clickable prototype with animations in UXPin

  • Wrote & edited copy

Letter Writing Service App

This app was built in collaboration with Tucker Fiscus, LLC to help nonprofits write, design and print large numbers of thank-you letters to their donors and volunteers.

My Contribution:

  • Visual design & production

  • Quality assurance assessments

  • Copywriting

  • Interaction & UI design iteration


Visual Update for Health Club CRM Portal

This web app provides a platform for health & fitness clubs to manage member agreements, employee payroll and fitness package sales.

My Contribution:

  • Visual Design and production

  • UI element redesign

Voice-Controlled Mobile Surgical Checklist

The purpose of this app is to minimize the chance of errors occurring during surgeries. Doctors can create and manage cases & procedures and start/stop procedure checklists with voice commands during operations.

My Contribution:

  • Visual design and production

  • Accessibility testing for colorblindness


Responsive Website for Natural Resource Analytics Company

This website was made in collaboration with Tucker Fiscus, LLC for a company that provides analytics data and research services for natural resource extraction companies.

My Contribution:

  • Develop UX & IA through wireframing in Illustrator

  • Generate sketches & wires for memorable home page

  • Produce final visual design comps at three breakpoints

  • Build clickable prototypes in Invision


GreatSpaces Inc. is a Philly-Based startup that helps people find spaces to hold their events.

My Contribution: 

  • User Research, interaction design and interface design

  • Copywriting

  • Intern recruiting, supervision and mentoring

  • Long-term product management & quality assurance

Personal Project - Windr

While I worked as a salesperson for a luxury watch shop in the Philadelphia Airport, I helped many people to choose and purchase watches during their travels. I started to notice how customers often had no idea what was out there, or were overwhelmed by the choices available. They also did not really have time to earn more about each watch. With many Tinder-style apps coming out, I had the idea that the format could help people make informed choices for watches they would really like.